About Us - ProstoConcept

Life is a magical adventure, isn’t it?

You never know what the day will bring.

Who’d have thought an otherwise normal day at the park would result in the most charming collection of picture perfect nursery and bedroom decor.

Like all everything else serendipitous, this mom-team was meant to be.

One mama with a passion to create something memorable for a little one with her own hands, and one who was eager to expand her love for needlework. Both with a passion for comfort, style and timeless sophistication that beautifies even the blandest nursery.

They put their heads together, pouring over ideas until their vision began coming to life.

8 months later. ProstoConcept was born.

Determined to share their beautiful Scandinavian inspired design they launched their first stylish line of nursery pillows on Etsy.

They didn’t have to wait long.

Larger and larger orders began pouring in almost immediately, with special requests that allowed them to perfect their Pinterest worthy creations, meticulously combining hundreds of different materials, stitching, and design until they achieved the picture perfect look that makes sharing nursery photos so satisfying.

Seven years later every order is still treated with the same awe and care, hand crafted, using only the finest photo perfect materials and baby safe stitching in timeless styles that never go out of trend, then gifted beautiful eyes, a spirit and a smile, because we know behind every order is a very special child who eagerly awaits the precious love shared by each charmingly memorable pillow.

The perfect finishing touch for the most comforting space in your little one's life.