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Set Of 3 - Cloud, Moon And Star

Cloud Room Decor Adds a Celestial Theme

Whether you are hosting a celestial baby shower or you are looking for a new way to decorate the nursery with cloud room decor, our set of 3 crib pillows sets up the space like nothing else. The nursery you put together for your children should be calm, full of peace, and beautiful all at the same time. Our star nursery decor includes a cloud, a moon and a star in a variety of colors, patterns, and options. You can choose to place them in the empty crib or you can add them to the shelves in the nursery for decoration. Either way, they're going to be a beautiful influence in the nursery space.

Celestial Beauty In Every Pillow

We create every single pillow by hand, so you know that you're going to get a personalised service with each one. If you're considering decorating your nursery in cloud room decor, you'll find all the cute pillows you need here. Each pillow is stitched together with eyes, a smile and a lot of love, and you're going to be able to feel it for your baby's nursery! The best part is that you can even give this set of three as a gift, which will be perfect for the next celestial baby shower you're going to. 

This set of 3 is the perfect finishing touch to the nursery you are putting together. Our gender-neutral crib pillows come in colours to match any colour scheme you're planning. You want a nursery that's peaceful and calming to promote safe sleep, so keep the pillows on the shelf while the baby is in the crib, and as your little one gets bigger, they will have the perfect sleepy-time companions.

Every Pillow Is Handmade

The effort that goes into each pillow is such that ensures that you get the very best quality materials and styles with each and every one. We give every pillow a personality, and we make each one with love so your baby's nursery becomes a space that's beautiful, charming, and full of love!

Sustainable Pillows For Nursery Decor

Whether you are looking for something beautiful for the nursery or for a gift, you know you're getting the best when you shop with us. We offer sustainable and ethical pillows for your space by using OEKO-TEX 100% cotton material on both sides of the pillows, as well as filling inserts with hypoallergenic material. Each pillow is easy to wash over and over without losing shape. Handmade in Estonia, you will find that our carefully crafted pillows are the perfect addition to your baby room and home.