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About Us

ProstoConcept is a brainchild of me - Katya Kutuzova, I am the mother of a 7-year-old girl and well aware of what makes little kids eyes sparkle.

It all began when I could not find a perfect looking cloud pillow for my daughter and so I decided to design my own. Every pillow I make has a soul. You can tell by the first look all the pillows are alive always in perfect shape, always with a smile.

I can spend 6 months looking for a perfect combination of eyelashes and a smile on my pillow design, sometimes going through 50 or more versions in the process, before releasing a new one.

We at Prosto Concept want to bring these little cushions into life. We give them eyes, a smile and a soul. We make each of our pillow complete with a personality because we know there’s already someone waiting for their very special ProstoConcept pillow.


1) Our products are not harmful to human skin.

2) Our products have been produced under environmentally sound conditions.

3) The human efforts put into the production of our clothes have not compromised the safety or human rights of the people involved.

As an ongoing process, we are continuously working together with our suppliers to obtain relevant certifications to ensure the above - as your guarantee. We take one step at the time as it is both time consuming and costly process, but our aim is to be an active partner in developing and setting high standards.